Daily Personal Activities

Benison Healthcare is a trusted NDIS service provider dedicated to offering comprehensive assistance to individuals with disabilities. Their Daily Personal Activities service is designed to provide NDIS participants with the necessary support to complete everyday tasks and activities. The scope of Daily Personal Activities offered by Benison Healthcare is vast, including personal hygiene and grooming, dressing and undressing, meal preparation and feeding, and mobility and transfers. 

The service is tailored to each participant’s unique requirements, ensuring they receive the appropriate aid to live independently and with dignity. We begin with an initial consultation with a specialist from Benison Healthcare, who will work closely with the participant to identify their specific needs and preferences. A customised plan is then created, outlining the particular support and services the participant requires. 

Depending on the participant’s needs, the support may include assistance with bathing and toileting, dressing and grooming, and meal preparation and consumption. Benison Healthcare also offers help with mobility and transfers, ensuring participants can move safely and comfortably in their homes and communities. 

With Benison Healthcare’s unwavering support and expertise, participants can confidently live independently and with dignity, knowing they have the necessary assistance to complete daily tasks and maintain their health and well-being.