Access / Maintain Employment or Higher Education

Benison Healthcare is a leading provider of NDIS services, focusing on helping individuals with disabilities access and maintain employment or higher education. Our Access / Maintain Employment or Higher Education service is designed to provide comprehensive support to NDIS participants, helping them to achieve their career and educational goals.

This service is specifically designed to provide customised support and services to participants. We offer career counselling, guidance, skills training, and job placement assistance. Even after you’ve secured a job or a spot in higher education, Benison Healthcare will continue to offer support to ensure your success. 

Our process starts with an initial consultation with a Benison Healthcare specialist, who will work closely with you to identify your goals. Based on your requirements, we will develop a personalised plan outlining the specific support and services you need to achieve your objectives. Depending on your needs, this could include skills training, resume and cover letter development, job search assistance, and interview preparation.

Our Access / Maintain Employment or Higher Education service can help you overcome the challenges of living with a disability and confidently build a fulfilling career or academic path.