Daily Living & Life Skills

The NDIS provides valuable support to those with disabilities in Australia. One of the services they offer is the Daily Living & Life Skills service, which assists participants in their day-to-day activities and helps them achieve their goals and live as independently as possible. This service is divided into two main categories: Core support and Capacity Building Support. 

Core Supports include assistance with daily tasks like personal care, hygiene, meal preparation, and household chores. Capacity Building Supports focus on developing skills and increasing independence. The Daily Living & Life Skills service is customised to meet the needs of each participant. This support can be provided at home, in the community, or group settings. 

To access this service, individuals must be eligible for NDIS support and work with their NDIS planner to develop a plan that includes the support they need to live independently and achieve their goals. This service can be funded through the NDIS Improved Daily Living category.